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rock my socks



  1. Name: Mollie
  2. Location: Quincy MA
  3. Age: 17
  4. Best quality? honesty friendliness crAziness
  5. Hobbies: listenin to my musiccca, drawing, taking pictures aven mon camera, going to local shows n seein the ROCKING local bands, and of course spending time with wonderful friends.


  1. Bands: something corporate, mae, death cab, dashboard, tbc, fob, a loss for words, the cadence, treos, brand new, matchbook romance, coheed n cambria, my chemical romance. .. and so much more
  2. Movies: mallrats, empire records, LOTRs, hmm others that i cant think of ..
  3. Food: grilled cheese, mint chocolate chip n choc jimmies, oreos n milk, baked potatos n cheese! n tonsss of sugar. all the unhealthy stuff.
  4. Color:  blues.


  1. Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: ive drank once. wasnt feeling it so i havent again. n dont plan on it for quite some time. no drugs. no premarital sex. at least thats what i believe for now. but if others want to do any of the above thats fine, i dont ha befreind them or whatnot, just tell them to becarefull.
  2. Homosexuality: totally for it. "sexuality is a beautiful thing, no matter the prefix."
  3. Anything else you feel strongly about: God. im a huge believer.


  1. Reasons why we should accept you: hmm.. bc im redhead and only 2% of the US population is a natural redhead. which makes me diverse bringing diversity to your very own community! ow ow. .. [ha yeah i know im a dork. its okay though, i admit to it.]
  2. ...And you rock, why? i took some pictures of when curtains fall last night? ha i have no clue as to what to answer here.
  3. 1.. 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4!.. *jumps and dances around like crazy*
  4. Are you going to delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? nope
  5. Where did you hear about us? comments in pete the greeks aka </a></a>peteg429 's lj comments
  6. 18. Yeah, I rock! High Five Top Gun Style!


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You shouldnt have to even bother with applying

Wooo Ouincy!
<33Braintree rocks.

++++++the cadence
:] yay! thanks
you totally rawq.

+views on alcohol/drugs/sex
+GOD. It's totally cool that you're open about it. Far too many people are afraid of being looked down upon for believing in God. You rawq sista!

<33 (that's a yes to the max)
:] thanks!