Aleks with a K (paperbridge) wrote in peoplewhorawq,
Aleks with a K

Rock My Socks

So yeah, I noticed that there are some folk who seek membership haven't gotten around to filling out an app. Please do people, it would be so very awesome if you get approved. This means you too, Pete the Greek. I know you're uber cool to begin with, but come on dude, everyone's gotta do it. Anyway, here's my app for the hell of it.

1. Name: Aleksander
2. Location: Hopkinton, MA
3. Age: old enough?
4. Best Quality: I've been told I'm a good listener
5. Hobbies: playing guitar, acting, writing, bowling
6. Bands: School For Heroes (R.I.P.), Thursday, Glassjaw, Co + Ca, TREOS, The Cadence, Hopesfall, The Bled, Underoath, Alexisonfire, Yesterdays Rising, Sparta and countless more
7. Movies: Alien, Pi, Elling, Salton Sea
8. Food: Tex-Mex, beef jerky and anything deep-fried
9. Color: 3-way tie; black, white and orange
10. Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: No thanks, but if that's your thing, knock yourself out
11. Homosexuality: Straight myself, but I don't care what your preference is, it's your personal life
12. Anything else you feel strongly about: I guess my politics... but let's not get into that
13. Reasons why we should accept you: Because I'm already in?
14. and you rock, why? I don't haha
15. 1.. 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4!.. Slam dance, mofo!
16. Are you going to delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? I'll leave it, what's the hurt in that?
17. Where did you hear about us? I'm the co-founder... I would assume from my partner in crime
18. Yeah, I rock! High Five Top Gun Style!

Yes, that's not really me; my hair is shorter now and I've quit smoking since then. The point of this is so that you'll never know what I really look like! muhahahahahaha!
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