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Truth Of My Youth [NPATTEE]

Rock My Socks



  1. Name: Nicole.
  2. Location:Milford, Massachusetts.
  3. Age: 15.
  4. Best quality? I’m a good listener no matter what.
  5. Hobbies:  Photography, theater [!!!!!], making mixtapes <33, & DIY stuff. [& well going to shows if that counts ^_^]
  6. Bands: New Found Glory, Thursday, The Postal Service, Streetlight Manifesto, TREOS [!!!!!!!!!!! <3], The Cadence, Rancid, Aquabats, tHrOnE, GC [don’t hate], Plan B, Sugarcult, Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Kweller,  Something Corporate, Coheed & Cambria, Skankin’ Pickles, Save Ferris, Big D and The Kids Table, Saves The Day, The Ataris, Brand New, The Living End.
  7. Movies: DETROIT ROCK CITY, Trainspotting, Loser, The Goonies & Empire Records.
  8. Food:  Mexican food.
  9. Color: GREEN.
  10. Drugs/Alcohol/Sex:  Really do whatever you want. I’m not going to go use drugs & alcohol & have it fuck my life. But its your life & your choice.   & for sex its really just your choice again.
  11. Homosexuality: Me personally I’m not homosexual but I’m not against homosexuals by any means.  Let people be love whoever they want.
  12. Anything else you feel strongly about: Drugs & alcohol. I totally against both.  I saw how it ruined my family & what we had to go through & no one should have to go through that.
  13. Reasons why we should accept you: I should get accepted because……uhh…… this is a rad community and I want to be in it.
  14. ...And you rock, why?  Because Andrew for Something Corporate told me I do.
  15. 1.. 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4!..  ::fast mosh breakdown song starts::
  16. Are you going to delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's?  Nope.
  17. Where did you hear about us? _soundcheck 's journal.</span>
  18. High Five Top Gun Style!


Me trying to be cool. HAHAHA.

Thats the only pictures I have on this computer, the old one crashed.



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Alright, so this is my 3rd attempt at approving this app. Let's try this one more time before I kill someone. Anyway, Im gonna do this Emily's way because she's the smart one and writing out complete sentences gets tedious.

+ Fellow Bay-Stater / Metro-wester (if that's even a word)
+ Fellow Thespian (although I don't like that label)
+ TREOS & The Cadence?!?! I'm gonna have a stroke!
+ sXe-ness
+ HOT PINK "I HEART THE CADENCE" SHIRT! I almost bought that one for myself but then I realized I would've been shot so I bought it for my friend =D

+/- Mexican Food as in Tex-Mex or REAL Mexican?

- I'm sorry, but "The Goonies" sucked

I think 18 was supposed to include "Yeah, I rock!" but yeah, who's counting?

By the power invested in me by... uh... well, me... I hereby approve you for this comm =D
+the postal service
+death cab
+save ferris ( I LOVE THE SPAM SONG)
-drugs/alcohol/sex answers
but then you put that you feel strongly about drugs and alcohol, which confused me a bit..

overall I'd say YES!
What I was saying for the drugs/alcohol/sex answer is I wouldn't hate someone if they did do drugs, drink alcohol or have sex but I wouldn't do it.

I don't know. I confused myself.