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rock my socks

4.Best quality? people say they like my boobs and 'accedentally' touch them. i personally like my lips even though they're kinda big.
5.Hobbies:sitting at the computer, talkin to people, going to shows, and, oh yes, DDR. i'm addicted.
6.Bands:so many, but latley it's been yesterdays rising, me without you, underoath, thursday, pretty girls make graves.
7.Movies: empire records and the harry potter movies. they're great.
8.Food: easy mac.
9.Color: it's been pink latley.
10.Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: no drungsm no alcohol, no sex. no sex because i don't want to waste 5 minutes of my time.
11.Homosexuality: i'm not, but i'm totally cool with it. gay guys make the best friends
12.Anything else you feel strongly about: i don't like getting hit on my really gross 30 year old mexican guys. that has to stop.
13.Reasons why we should accept you: because what's better than being in a community with a buch of really cool kids? [sucking up is allowed, right?]
14....And your rad, why? because your mom said i was
15.1.. 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4!.. uh... ok
16.Are you going to be a bitch and delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? no, i'll leave it. i'm a trooper.
17.Where did you hear about us? the yesterdays rising community where it's hotter than hot.

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+mewithoutyou (they were in columbus yesterday, however I didn't go, my boyfriend did)
+easy mac
+your awesome polka dot shirt and your gorgeous face.
-dirty old men hitting on you, but that's not a strike against you. DUH.
me without you was here but none of my loser friends wanted to go.
and thanks a buddle buddy.
Can't say I'm a fan of the DDR-ness, but hey, you're from Georgia, and they put out Fight Paris (Formerly CMD) and I fucking love them. the sXe-ness is def. working for me too. And did your mom really say you were rad? If that's true, then that's fucking RAD; my mah just thinks I'm fucking weird

Oh, and when you say Underoath, which one?

Anyway, welcome, you totally rawk

oh well, not many people are into ddr. i forgive you.
haha my mom says i'm rad sometimes. but most of the time she thinks i'm crazy.
the florida underoath.
and thanks.