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Some Cool Bandage

Hey, here are some uber coo local bands if any of you are interested:

The Receiving End Of Sirens
These guys were just about the biggest post-hardcore group up until last year when their orginal frontman Ben turned down a record deal with Atlantic and quit the band. The remaining members went on a long hiatus while they searched for a new singer. After many months, they picked up Casey in January and decided they would split lead vocals 3 ways between Casy, Brendan (bass) and Alex (guitar). Armed with both a triple guitar and triple vocal assault, they sound better than ever.

The Cadence
My good friends out of Walpole. Some of the most infectious and intelligent emo / indie you'll ever hear. Just listen.

Emo-pop-punk, but shut up, they're my friends! grrr!

A Loss For Words
The ultimate work-horses; they promo for every show they play like MAD and their live show is insane.

The Northwood
These guys have come a long way in the past year. Check them out, definitely worth a listen.
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