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Rock My Socks


1. Name: Farron

2. Location: Ohio

3. Age: 16

4. Best quality? Physically..my eyes. Mentally..I'm mature for my age and I'm smart.

5. Hobbies: Sometimes I like to draw and paint.


6. Bands: The Shins, Beck, Modest Mouse, No Knife, The Unicorns, Cursive, and probably more but I can't think of any others right now.

7. Movies: Amélie, Moulin Rouge, Down With Love, Wet Hot American Summer, Kill Bill (Vol.1), Donnie Darko.

8. Food: Any food is good, but I love Chinese.

9. Color: Blue.


10. Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: Drugs.. I would never try any that could kill you (or mess your brain/body up so badly that you might as well be dead) your first time using. I don't think a temporary high is worth your life. Alcohol.. is fine as long as it's in moderation and you aren't driving or anything. Sex.. be safe, use contraceptives if you aren't ready for children. And don't sleep around because that's gross and no one likes a dirty skank.

11. Homosexuality: It doesn't bother me if someone is gay or straight or whatever. I don't think the federal government should be able to ban same-sex marriages.

12. Anything else you feel strongly about: Hmm.. I can't really think of anything (give me a break, it's almost 4 in the a.m.!) so here's a random fact, instead: 45% of dollar bills you'll ever own have been in a stripper's g-string.
Oh, joy.


13. Reasons why we should accept you: I <3 Emily and also, I'm cool. Really.

14. ...And you rock, why? I've spent my last few weekends at Emily's house, staying up all night, and playing Super Mario and Mario Kart on Nintendo 64. ;)

15. 1.. 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4!.. *rocks out*.

16. Are you going to delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? Awh hell naw.

17. Where did you hear about us? Emilyyy.

18. Yeah, I rock! High Five Top Gun Style!


Look how much Emily thinks I rock! Haha. :D
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