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Rock My Socks.


1. Name: Kaleigh

2. Location: Milford, MA. More specifically, my living room.

3. Age: 14 for...four more days. eep.

4. Best quality?: Nicole says I'm crazy to hang out with. And I have the tendincy to bring out the craziness in people, with me they do things usually they wouldn't do. Like sneak backstage at a concert or scream random things at the top of their lungs.

5. Hobbies: hanging around, reading, um. writing, singing, listening to crappy music, mocking..ROCKING OUT usually all by myself.

6. FAVORTIES Bands: The Distillers, Good Charlotte (yeah i like gc..), Katy Rose, Avril, GG Allin, Rancid..I like a random mix of music.

7. Movies: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, Trainspotting, The Lion King..

8. Food: bacon pizza!

9. Color: redd

10. VIEWS: Drugs/Alcohol/Sex: You can do it if you want to. Its your body, as long as you don't hurt anyone and you don't take it too far.

11. Homosexuality: YAY! I think its completely natural and love who you love.

12. Anything else you feel strongly about: I hate the word 'faggot'. I just hate it. And um. I believe in the power of chocolate cake to fix most anything.


13. Reasons why we should accept you: Nicole told me to join. I rock. I have a shirt that says 'I Rock!' and I wear it and people say 'YOU DO ROCK!' and I say 'Yes I do.'. I also walk around in tiaras often. And I wear neon orange ties named Fredrick. And uh. I don't know. I just rock.

14. ...And you rock, why?: BECAUSE I JUST DO. its natural rockage.

15. 1.. 2.. 1, 2, 3, 4!.. ::starts playing insane air guitar:: wo0t!

16. Are you going to delete your application, or leave if you get a few no's? Nah.

17. Where did you hear about us? xnicolexrosex. I call her Wang sometimes.

18. Yeah, I rock! High Five Top Gun Style!

Oh balloon fighting outside Applebees. YAY!

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